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Electricians in Colusa County

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Electrician in Fontana, California
"HOME RESCUE ELECTRIC began 30 years ago, dedicated to customer satisfaction, covering the full spectrum of electrical contracting - including residential, commercial & industrial. We serve all southern California... HOME RESCUE ELECTRIC also have 1 million liability insurance policy..."
"Eco Electric Service Company is a leading provider of smart electrical technologies and pv solar renewable power. Family owned and operated, with over 16 years of quality projects. EESC has remained at the forefront of a continuously changing industry. Delivering exceptional service along with expert advice and creative solutions. From design to conception."
Electrician in Oakland, California
"Repairing your wiring is not an upgrade to your system; it's an upgrade to your soul. It will save your family and anyone else who buys your home. Williams Electric is dedicated to education, providing safety awareness and advocating for electrical safety within homes and the workplace. We save people, kids and your pets from awful shocks, fires and smoke inhalation. We do that on a daily basis. - See more at:"