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“Straight Edge Construction is privately owned and operated. We maintain one of the best electrical and construction work forces in the Houston market. Our commitment to excellence has been displayed in all our projects both large and small. At straight Edge we focus on building excellence for our clients by providing the highest quality project at the lowest cost.
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Electrician: 1 to 1

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Who can be an electrician?
A licensed electrician in 77062 will sometimes be referred to as an electrical technician, electronic technician or, if they work on exterior wiring, a lineman (or linesman). They may include commercial electricians, residential electricians, electrical contractors and electrician contractors.

Companies are sometimes licensed or registered as an electrician company (or electrician companies) or electrician business (or electrician businesses).

Licensing usually permits electricians to work on industrial projects such as a factory, machinery or warehouse projects), commercial projects (like offices) and residential homes and houses.
How to find an Electrician with specific Electrical skills?
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Can an Electrician help?
77062 Electricians have broad skills and are able to work with a wide range of electrical equipment, electrical appliances, electronic systems or electric circuits. The systems comprise individual parts including sockets, plugs, wiring, fuses, fuse boxes, and circuit boards all of which are connected and powered by electricity.
What can a skilled Electrician do?
The best electricians are experienced at wiring circuits and installing electrical equipment; they wire equipment and install wiring, service electrical equipment, maintain electrical equipment and repair electrical equipment. Make sure to check alternatives in order to get the best quotes on electrical wiring, equipment installation, electrical servicing, electrical maintenance and electrical repairs.